Artikelnummer: 0721SP

Copter Screenprotector consists of an extremely durable material originally developed for military use. The material is an offshoot of a urethane film that was developed by the U.S. Army during the Gulf War to protect helicopter rotor blades from the abrasive desert sand. The film withstands freezing temperatures; high heat, oils and gasoline, and wear and tear caused by rocks and other abrasive elements.

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Produktbeskrivning Copter Screenprotector - skärmskydd
Tillverkarens garanti Begränsad livstidsgaranti
Typ av produkt Skärmskydd
Förpacknings innehåll Rengöringsduk, skärmskydd, rengöringsspray, skrapkort
Avsedd för Mobiltelefon
Designat för Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)